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Best Rangefinder Apps for Hunting & Golf 2024 (Android & iPhone)

On the go, the Best RangeFinder App can be extremely helpful. But what’s the reason? You can use your phone’s precision sensors to gauge the distance to your target while hunting or locate hunting spots on a map.

Modern phones have advanced technology that helps solve these problems. An accurate data provider and a few features on your phone are all you need.

What is the difference between monocular and binocular laser rangefinder software? These apps are nowhere near comparable to actual rangefinder units based on our testing of more than 100 units. Mobile apps cannot replace our best-hunting laser rangefinders because of their usability.

Range finder apps can be beneficial, especially for hunters. Both Android and iOS devices can be used with these apps. After using range finder apps only a few times, even most individuals can understand them.

Top 8 Rangefinder Apps for Hunting & Golf 2023

Hopefully, you’ll be able to identify which rangefinder app is best for you after we discuss some of the best rangefinder apps available.

Hunting Rangefinder App

Hunting Rangefinder app - best rangefinder app for shooting

An excellent Android rangefinder app can be found here. With this app, you can see the exact distance using Google Maps. The method differs significantly from traditional range measurement methods.

With this best hunting rangefinder 2023 app, you can use distance rings to estimate your own distance. Besides that, you can shoot with a rifle, bow, stalk, or two points.

The modes can be chosen according to your needs. Additionally, there is no cost to download this Hunting Rangefinder app from the Google Play Store.

Google topographic maps and distance circles stand out among other features, but they aren’t reliable for everything.

Depending on your signal strength, you may miss your target if it takes a long time for google maps to load. Android users are also out of luck since the app is only available on Android devices.

MMO Rangefinder

MMO Rangefinder - free golf yardage app for beginners

A major difference between MMO Rangefinder and others is that it uses sound to detect distance from your location to the target. Distances up to 100 meters can be measured with this app.

Finding ranges underwater is very easy and effective when you use sound to navigate the distance. In spite of its complexity, it comes with a user guide that explains everything you might encounter.

GPS can be used to measure distances over even longer distances. It also has a radar button and a direction indicator compass. The map will also be displayed over it.

In spite of this, there is one disadvantage to it as well. The learning curve for this recommendation will be longer than those for some of our other suggestions.

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie - best rangefinder app for apple watch

If you’re a causal Links fan or a serious golfer, Golfshot is probably the best app out there. Android, Apple, Apple Watch, and Android Wear users can download free and pro versions of this app.

GPS and your input are used in the free version to track your club choice for each shot you make on the course. Also, up to four players can keep score, and statistics are provided.

There are a lot of things you can do with Golfshot Pro, which requires a membership. More than 40,000 courses are covered by the app, which gives you real-time distances between the green and hazards.

Your lie is used to determine what club to recommend “on the spot” by the app, acting like a caddie. You can also take a 3D tour of the course with Pro.

The Pro apps also offer games, leaderboards, and other features. Combined with other Shotzoom memberships, Pro can offer golf instruction as well.

Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU - best golf rangefinder app free

Among the best golf GPS rangefinders on this list is the SwingU Golf GPS, which also has a scorecard for keeping track of your scores. Whatever course you are playing worldwide, the GPS gives you accurate distances to greens and hazards.

The app provides easy scoring and on-course statistics in a straightforward format. Golf courses can be viewed from satellites or from the air. Using this app on the course is likely to be simple for beginners.

Top instructors also help you improve your swing in the clubhouse. Using the premium version will allow you to view the analysis of your scorecards and get access to more lessons and tips. The app has many ads, making it difficult to focus on playing.

Garmin Golf

Garmin Golf - best golf rangefinder app Australia

Wherever you go golfing with friends, you can use the Garmin Golf app as a free rangefinder. When you pair this app with a Garmin device, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Leaderboards and tournaments can still be used manually, even without a device.

It’s straightforward to provide data on club performances and performance stats. To get a better idea of where you will be playing, you can use the GPS feature to select nearby courses in your country.

Competing with friends and in tournaments is a breeze with the scoreboard. You can also see your game’s improvement over time under the summary tab. So I must try this GPS App for Android today!

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer - best rangefinder apps for iphone

The BowHunter Rangefinder app for iPhone is a great tool for bow hunting. A firearm can also be used for deer hunting. There is no difficulty in understanding it. Your shot will be more accurate if you know how far you are from the target.

Try this app once for easy range estimation and see if it works as you expect. A crosshair is even asked to be pointed toward the base. In the case of aiming at a deer, you would get maximum accuracy by pointing it at the foot.

There are instructions in the app that will guide you through using this range finder. References to the instructions are also helpful when troubleshooting. The app may not give accurate results if the height slider is not adjusted correctly.

To achieve the best results, it is important to follow the instructions. The range can be measured up to 40 yards easily with this device. There is, however, a possibility that it may lose some accuracy if the distance exceeds 40 yards.

GolfLogix Golf GPS + 3D Putts

GolfLogix Golf GPS + 3D Putts - best free golf gps app for iOS

Getting onto the green is the main goal of most golf GPS apps for the iPhone. With GolfLogix, it’s taken to a whole new level.

As part of the app, golfers will be able to view each green in 3D, topographical, and detailed maps, much like they’d see during a game or on a broadcast of the Masters.

The GolfLogix app has more than 8,000 golf courses and is among the most downloaded of all time. With many of the fairway features of other GPS apps, this app is available in the Apple or Google Play stores.

This app stands out due to its Putt Breaks feature. You drag the box to wherever you want to hit the ball on the green by clicking the ball’s location on the smartphone screen.

The map will be made using laser scanners by GolfLogix and will give you a close-up view of the green. With the zoomable 3D map, all contours of the green are indicated with arrows.

Using Putt Breaks can seriously improve your short game and comes as a free trial. There are golf courses you may not have even known existed until you tried this app.

TheGrint | Golf Handicap & GPS

TheGrint | Golf Handicap & GPS - best free golf rangefinder app for android

TheGrint keeps your handicap simple with a fun and simple GPS app. With this best free golf rangefinder app, you will be able to track your golf handicap for USGA-registered golf clubs.

By setting a concrete goal for yourself or your friends, you can determine your handicap quickly.

Other helpful golf features are available on the Grint. The app’s simple interface makes it easy to keep track of your scores, or you can turn paper scorecards into digital ones using the “scorecard picture service.”

The app even has a live leaderboard that allows you to compare your live scores with others. In addition to tracking iron accuracy, the app can also calculate average FOR percentages.

Moreover, hazards are displayed from a bird’s eye perspective and green distances from the front, back, and center.

A new course can be added within two days upon request to the app, which features tens of thousands of courses.


It is unnecessary to have WiFi while playing the course using the app. The map for the course or courses you play the most frequently should also be downloaded after you download the app via WiFi. The app can be used without an Internet connection if you use your phone’s GPS.

Yes, many range finder apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, in this article, we also listed some of the best rangefinder apps which work on your Android Device without any issues.

Yes, rangefinder apps work really well. There are many golf rangefinder apps on Android that can help you improve your game. Your performance can be tracked and improved easily through their system.

The rangefinder and Caddieye app work together. Rangefinders use cameras to aim, but smartphones need cameras.

The applications support both Android and iOS platforms. The disc golf version is different from the regular golf version.

The short answer is yes, GPS apps can help players at any level. Apps should be selected based on the player’s skill level.

Advanced players might consider investing in apps with more accurate distance-measuring capabilities,

while beginners might choose shot-monitoring apps. The player also has to decide whether he or she prefers 2D or 3D visualization.

Using a rangefinder app, you can avoid purchasing an expensive one. There is no hassle involved with downloading them from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

As well as helping hunters learn hunting skills, range finders can be helpful to them. If hunters don’t want to spend money on rangefinders, they are probably a great alternative.


These golf rangefinder apps on Android will help you improve your game. Your performance can be reviewed and improved easily, thanks to them.

These apps do everything GPS rangefinders do, including locating your course, measuring hazards, and conducting competitions.

For this reason, we have listed some of the Best RangeFinder apps for you. Just pick up your favorite one from the list and start your game.


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