Best Rangefinder for Air Rifle

Best Rangefinders for Air Rifle, Air Gun & Small Game Hunting

Air Rifle shooting is different from hunting and requires special gear to help you make your shots accurate and precise. Experts recommend having a rangefinder in this case to measure the distance and proper execution of the shots.

The challenge however occurs when you don’t know which rangefinder is ideal for your air gun. A normal or regular rangefinder will not suffice your needs as a shooter.

So, you need to add a ballistic rangefinder compatible with air guns to enhance the accuracy and precision of your shots. In this guide, we will review the 6 best rangefinders for air rifles.

These rangefinders with their ballistics capabilities help you in correcting the angles of your shots by considering the wind pressure and direction in view.

Even if you are a beginner or experienced shooter, these models are equally beneficial and practical.

Our recommendation

After evaluating different models we found “Vortex Optics Ranger 1800” as the most efficient and accurate air rifle rangefinder.

In addition to this, “AOFAR HX-1200” is also best for entry-level shooters with wide ranges and modes.

Let’s have an in-depth review of each model to help you find a suitable model for you.


Product Name



BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Laser Rangefinder For Rifle Shooting
  • Batteries: Included
  • Case: Not Included
  • Material: Composite
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Range: 1800 Yards
  • Sport Type: All
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters
  • Range: 1000 Yards
  • Batteries: Included
  • Case: Included
  • Sport Type: ‎Hunting
  • Warranty: Limited
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters
  • Range: 650
  • Case: Not Included
  • Battery: Included
  • Material: Plastic
  • Sport Type: Golf, Hunting
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters
  • Range: 1000
  • Case: Not Included
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Battery: Included
AOFAR HX-1200T Hunting Archery Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for Long-Range Air Rifle Hunting
  • Range: 1200
  • Battery: Included
  • Case: Not Included
  • Material: ABS
  • Sport: Hunting
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters
  • Battery: Included
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Sport Type: Hunting, Archery
  • Range: 800
  • Case: Included

Top 6 Rangefinders for Air Rifle Shooting in 2023

best overall
Vortex Ranger 1800-Best Laser Rangefinder for Rifle Shooting

Vortex Ranger 1800

(Best Laser Rangefinder for Rifle Shooting)


  • Batteries: included
  • Case: Not included
  • Material: Composite
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Range: 1800 Yards
  • Sport Type: All

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 is the best and ideal laser rangefinder for shooters and hunters. For more insights read the Vortex Ranger 1800 review.

Its 1800-yard capacity with multi-coated lenses ensures precise measurements on your course. The small unit with multiple modes allows the shooter to give high performance.

It accommodates shooting needs with efficiency and accuracy. The utility clip and lanyard let you hang around easily without any trouble.

Reasons to buy:

Compact Rugged Design:

Design-wise, Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 is highly suitable for shooting conditions. With an air rifle, you need a light, small rangefinder so as to ensure that it shoots exactly the way you want.

With its tiny dimensions (4.92×4.33×3.35) this rangefinder is ideal to use with a rifle without adding any heavy load on your shoulders.

Its ergonomic body lets you secure it tightly around your neck or in your packs on the go.

Multiple Modes:

This rangefinder comes with 3 versatile modes making it super functional on the go. These modes include HCD mode, LOS, and scan mode.

HCD mode helps shooters to adjust their target properly by calculating the distance in an intuitive way. It takes into account the inclined or declined mode and corrects the angle as you want.

Scan mode and LOS mode simultaneously work for you to measure the yardage range by making intelligent calculations of terrain.

Easy-to-read Display:

The display unit of this rangefinder is equipped with 6x magnification and a Multi-coated lens. Its red display makes sure that you get the measurements you need without any hassle.

In extreme environments, this rangefinder allows you to calculate the distance in no time by letting its user adjust the brightness setting as per their needs.

The multi-coated lens is also practical in this regard as it allows shooters to have a clear easy-to-read display.

Highly Accurate and Precise:

In terms of precision what shooters look for is available to you in this rangefinder with a precise focus tool and eye cup.

These two things work well in allowing shooters to stay right on target by prioritizing their focus on their goal.

Moreover, it’s reflective and deer shooters have accurate measurements at any degree or angle. It gives you exact readings within the extended range capacity of about 1800.

  • HCD mode display
  • 1800 yards range
  • Intuitive menu
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Rugged design compatible with rifles
  • Precise focus
  • Not suitable to use in low light conditions
Our Take

In short, “Vortex Optics Ranger 1800” is a great choice for air rifle shooters. It is our top choice due to its incredible range, various customization modes, and compatibility with rifles.

best overall
TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for Air Gun Shooting

TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder

(Best Rangefinder for Air Gun Shooting)


  • Range: 1000 Yards
  • Batteries: included
  • Case: included
  • Sport Type: ‎Hunting
  • Warranty: Limited

If you want an intuitive rangefinder for your air rifle within the range of 800 to 1000 yards then “The TIDEWE hunting Rangefinder” is sufficient for your needs. Its laser-infested Cambo design lets you function on demand.

The multiple modes with this rangefinder are exclusively practical in shooting as they let you scan the targeted terrain in a highly sophisticated and intelligent way.

Reasons to buy:

Rechargeable Battery:

The battery of this rangefinder is a rechargeable battery with easy to access charging port. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which is super durable.

Its unit is capable of working for 8 to 10 hours continuously without low battery notifications.

Once the charging ends it displays the notification so as to alert you beforehand to recharge it even while on the go.

Advanced Technology:

Technically, this rangefinder is equipped with the latest features to make it suitable for long-range shooting courses.

The overall body of this rangefinder is smart and light with 4.12x 2.16x 1.50 dimensions respectively.

With its premium scan mode, this model is great to scan your targeted areas with precision.

Its +/- 0.5 yards capacity is suitable for shooters making it ideal for low velocities for maximum projectiles.

Non-slip Grip:

One key benefit it provides to shooters is that it sticks to the guns without any hassle. This is superb for air gun shooters as it helps them in targeting the shot with ultimate accuracy.

The diopter and lanyard in this regard are extremely useful. Diopter aids in correcting the focus of the shooter to their shot by customizing it as your eyesight.

Its string rubber coating allows you to hold it firmly in your palms making the shooting experience more thrilling and goal-oriented.

Fast Readings:

The display of this rangefinder is extremely practical and functional. The brightness adjustments options let hunters customize and adjust it as per the surrounding.

Customers report that this rangefinder is good to use in low-light hunting or shooting conditions as well.

Its laser display is great for providing you the measurements in a fast and quick way. Just push the “power button” and get the readings instantly on its LCD intuitive screen.

Compatible with Air Gun:

This hunting rangefinder is compatible to use with air rifles due to its extended range capability. It is recommended to have a rangefinder with 1000 or up-for-air guns to make it work on the go.

With that being said, the TIDEWE hunting Rangefinder is capable of providing you a range of about 800 to 1000 yardage which makes it reliable to use with air guns.

  • Premium accuracy
  • 1000 yards capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Ideal in low light
  • No flag lock
Our Take

As a whole, “TIDEWE hunting Rangefinder” is a reliable rangefinder to use with an air rifle. It is ideal for shooters who want a durable rangefinder with multi-functional usability.

best Budget
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters

BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder

(Best Rangefinder for First-time Air Gun Shooters)


  • Range: 650
  • Case: Not included
  • Battery: included
  • Material: Plastic
  • Sport Type: Golf, Hunting

If you want to buy an affordable rangefinder for your air trifle then BIJiA is an excellent model to consider. It is available in two versatile models i.e. 1200 yards and 650 yards.

For air rifles, it is suitable to add a small unit with 650 capacity as it gives you slope compensation technology.

In comparison to other models mentioned this is specifically practical for beginner-level shooters with incredible price and functionality.

Reasons to buy:

Detailed Laser Display:

The display unit of the BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder is incredible for shooting range. It accurately measures the distance within the range capacity of 650 as per the model you choose.

Its laser-infested display with advanced multi-coated lenses gives hunters a detailed overview of their target mentioning all the detail a shooter might need including the exact distance and the calculated measurements.

Affordable with Warranty:

One key feature that sets BIJIA Hunting rangefinder apart from its competitors is its incredible price. Its affordability is what makes it worth considering as the best rangefinder for air guns.

It is ideal for beginners with low-budgeted value. This model is backed by a money-back guarantee which adds to its credibility making it easier for beginner-level shooters to try it out for less than 100$.

Extended Battery:

The battery life of the BIJIA hunting rangefinder is best with smart technical options. It gives users a handy auto shut-off that is ideal for saving the battery life of your rangefinder at its best. It automatically turns your battery off when you are not using it.

Moreover, it is designed to be used for longer hours. You can easily use 10000 measurements without any trouble.

Sturdy Design:

Design-wise, BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder is highly compact with tough and withstanding material. Its body is made to withstand any type of weather without any hassle.

The unit is kept weatherproof so as to make it friendly to use in any environment easily.

  • Multi-functional
  • Quick readings
  • Extremely accurate
  • Incredible optiFlag lock
  • Comes with a Carrying case
  • Slope compensation
  • Limited range
Our Take

In short, “BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder” is a multi-functional stater rangefinder with many adjustable features.

Having a slope compensation option and flag lock this is the best rangefinder for first-time air gun shooters.

Vortex Impact 1000-Best Value Rangefinder for Rifle

Vortex Impact 1000

(Best Value Rangefinder for Rifle)


  • Range: 1000
  • Case: Not included
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Battery: included

Vortex optics impact 1000 is not to be missed if you want an upgraded advanced practicality with maximum options. Read an in-depth Vortex 1000 rangefinder review.

It is especially best with a rifle by allowing shooters to adjust its angle degree as the situation demands.

It’s an impressive small unit with HCD prioritization mode and LOS mode lets you give your best by making it function as you need.

It is the fourth best rangefinder for hunting in our list due to advanced technology and price.

Reasons to buy:

High-quality Display:

The display of Vortex optics impact is what makes it set apart from its competitors. It has multi-coated lenses with an incredibly clear view. The high-quality glass in front of the rangefinder makes it easy to read the measurements in all light conditions.

Its screen display is black which is amazing even at night time. The eyecup adds more functionality to it by allowing the user to adjust focus as needed.

Upgraded Accuracy:

For shooting conditions, it is recommended to have a medium-range yard with +/- deviation.

This is exactly what you will have in this model. It allows shooters to measure the targets within the range of +/- yards.

The efficiency with which it gives you these measurements is commendable as the response time is not more than a second. It quickly picks the targeted distance and displays without any unnecessary delays.

Prioritization Option:

Vortex optics impact has multiple mods that let shooters make it functional as per their needs. One key mode that makes it worth having is its prioritization mode named HCD.

This mode is great to use in critical shooting conditions where you need to adjust the angle in different positions considering the line and distance in mind.

1000 Yards Range:

Range-wise, this rangefinder is above average. It gives you 1000 yards capacity with different options as per the sports type you are in.

For rifle shooting for instance it allows you to adjust the angle to less than 15 degrees.

This is ideal for air rifle shooting courses where you customized the rangefinder to show you the display you need without any hassle.

  • 1000 yards capacity
  • Prioritization mode
  • Adjustable diopter
  • Multi-coated optics
  • 15mm eye relief
  • Simple to operate
  • Black display
  • No case
Our Take

Overall, Vortex Impact 1000 is a professional-looking rangefinder with highly advanced functionality. It is ideal for users who want a pro-level addition to their rifles.

Editor’s Choice
AOFAR HX-1200T Hunting Archery Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for Long-Range Air Rifle Hunting

AOFAR HX-1200T Hunting Archery Rangefinder

(Best Rangefinder for Long-Range Air Rifle Hunting)


  • Range: 1200
  • Battery: included
  • Case: Not included
  • Material: ABS
  • Sport: Hunting

AOFAR HX-1200 Rangefinder is a high-quality, extremely durable rangefinder that is designed specifically for hunting and shooting.

Its precise long range with multiple modes makes it worth using with air rifles.

Shooters who want a crispy, sharp view have to admit that this is highly practical with 6x magnification and Diopter to adjust the vision as per user needs. It allows you to have perfect and precise aiming accuracy.

Reasons to buy:

AI Technology:

AOFAR 12000 HX is a unique rangefinder with AI technology. This technology auto-corrects your angles for maximizing the power in your shots.

This fully automatic functionality lets hunters and shooters shoot their targets as quickly and timely as possible.

Its auto shut-off button is designed to make your life hassle-free by saving battery life. It is set to power off the rangefinder when not in use for more than 8 to 10 seconds.


This model for air rifles is helpful for 90% of shooters as it gives you two modes to customize the angle. For this, it has Angle and Horizontal distance modes which are incredibly functional in any given situation.

It is best in shooting rough terrain by allowing you to measure the distance by considering the angle and straight line distance in mind.

High Precision Rangefinder:

HX-1200 rangefinder is highly precise with an extended range capacity of about 1200. This is the best rangefinder for long-range shooting conditions. It comes with several options that let users calculate the long distance accurately.

The diopter in this regard is useful for all types of shooters. No matter what type of vision category you belong to, this rangefinder adjusts itself to your vision. It helps you measure the distance without additional scopes or glasses.

Waterproof Material:

This rangefinder is designed for ultimate practicality and performance. Its material for instance is kept rigged proof which makes it suitable to use in rain, snow, fog, or even dry weather.

Its tough and solid camo design keeps it secure from all types of environments. It has the ability to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions with no trouble at all.

  • AI technology
  • High precision
  • 1200 yards capacity
  • CR2 battery
  • Carrying pouch
  • No angle compensation
Our Take

Overall, AOFAR HX-1200 Rangefinder is the best rangefinder for long-range shooting with 1200 yards capacity. Its AI technology with auto shut-off features makes it suitable for air guns.

best overall
WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder-Best Rangefinder for Small Game Hunting

WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder

(Best Rangefinder for Small Game Hunting)


  • Battery: included
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Sport Type: Hunting, Archery
  • Range: 800
  • Case: included

If you are looking for a small rangefinder designed for small game hunting, WOSPORTS is an ideal choice.

Its astonishing low price with high-end features makes it worth buying as the best Rangefinder for Air guns. The thing that makes it different from its competitors is its bow-hunting mode.

This mode lets users accurately and precisely measure the distance between you and their target exactly the way they want.

Reasons to buy:

800-yard Range:

For beginner-level shooters or small competitions, this rangefinder with 800 yards is superb.

The range may be limited but the accuracy with this range is unmatched. It gives you the option to measure the distance in declined and inclined yards.

This +/- 0.5 yards is beneficial in hunting and shooting scenarios as per the accuracy and preciseness it provides you with.

Bow Hunting Mode:

Bow hunting mode with WOSPORTS works impressively well on the field. One major benefit it gives to users is to have actual distance readings with fast focus.

This is best when you are shooting with targeting moving objects. With the help of this mode, users can take into consideration the expected measurements he needs to take action. Using this mode you will never miss any shot while hunting or shooting.

LCD Intuitive Display:

This beginner model is equipped with the latest and most advanced features which make it no less than a standard-level Rangefinder. Its LCD display is great with 6x magnification.

The screen clarity is intuitive with detailed readings. Optical quality is enhanced with an objective lens that gives you a clean interface by making the focus as clear as possible.

The focus eyepiece is incredible in adding more limpidity and lucidness to your vision which eventually makes your shots improved and accurate.

  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable focus eyepiece
  • 1-year warranty
  • Accurate measurements
  • Target lock
  • Won’t work in rain or fog
Our Take

WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder is the best quality entry-level rangefinder for air rifle shooters.

Its range, optical quality, and precise mode make it a suitable choice for shooters who want quality with affordability.

Final Comment

Overall, buying an ideal rangefinder for your air gun is a bit technical as it requires you to consider some factors in mind to choose the best one for you.

In this guide, we have helped you do so by reviewing some of the most practical models available in this category. So, have one for you and enjoy your shooting!


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