Best Rangefinders for Surveying

Best Rangefinders for Surveying, Forestry, and Mapping

One major challenge faced by almost 90% of surveyors is investigating their data accurately. Data collection, while surveying is significant for a thorough inspection however the machinery available for such purposes, is a major hassle.

The weight, budget, and complex operation make such machines a real confrontation. To help you deal with this challenge, we have figured out a smart solution for you. So, to efficiently and accurately document your estimations all you need is the best rangefinder for surveying.

Our recommendations

We inspected three premium and outclass models for surveying; however, if you want a durable, budget-friendly, and accurate rangefinder then “TecTecTec VPRO” is the recommended option for you. Its one-click operation makes users comfortable on the go.

The second best option for the best rangefinder for surveying is “Nikon Forestry Pro II”.

This model is made for surveying purposes and has all types of features you might be looking for in an advanced and dedicated rangefinder for surveying.

A special-purpose rangefinder will let you inspect your targeted area with ease and comfort. We will review the most credible rangefinders especially practical for surveyors. These models are reliable not only for forest surveys but also for engineering surveys.

Remember! Not all rangefinders are good for surveying so to assist you in finding the right fit for your needs we have added a detailed guide explaining what makes a rangefinder ideal for surveying.

So, let’s figure it out.


Product Name



TecTecTec VPRO500-Yard-Best Laser Rangefinder For Surveying
  • Water-Resistant Body
  • Pinsensor Technology
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 2-Year Guarantee
Nikon Forestry Pro II-Yard-Best Optical Rangefinder For Surveying
  • 3 Additional Batteries
  • 4 Customization Modes
  • LCD External Display
  • Extended Range
Carson Litewave 650-Yard-Best Engineering Rangefinder For Forestry
  • 650 Yards Range
  • Built-In Tripod Mount
  • Multi-Coated Lens
  • CR2 Battery

Top 3 Rangefinders for Surveying Land and Mapping (2023)

best overall
TecTecTec VPRO500-Yard-Best Laser Rangefinder For Surveying

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

(best Laser rangefinder for surveying)


  • Water-resistant body
  • Pinsensor technology
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 2-year guarantee

TecTecTec VPRO500 is our top choice for an “ideal surveying rangefinder”. Its comprehensive all-in-one package with a premium custom golf rangefinder case makes it dominating and recommended over other models available right now in the market.

Its laser technology with a pin-sensor feature allows surveyors to examine their fields without any hassle. The accuracy, efficiency, extended battery, and easy-to-use operation of this model make it the best overall rangefinder among others.

Reasons to buy:

Multi-layered optics:

The optics of this rangefinder are highly intuitive with 6x magnification and a 7° field view. The optics are multi-layered which provides excellent clarity on the field. To maximize your vision quality these layers are best as they auto-detect the outside environment and adjust as per the low light conditions.

Moreover, the lens with anti-reflective coating lets users easily observe the field with less glare. It also eliminates the load and stress from you by adjusting it according to the situation.

One-click operation:

The functionality of TECTECTEC VPRO500 is easy to use and friendly for users. It provides you with two buttons to control it without any trouble. The buttons are positioned on the top to make it a lot easier for users to find and click them.

In addition, the scan mode is also good for surveyors to quickly read the targeting objects specifically hidden or present in the background.

PinSensor technology:

Integrated with pin-seeking technology, this model allows users to accurately measure the overlapping objects in a highly precise manner.

In dense areas usually covered with thick forests, this technology lets users have accurate readings without losing sight of any hurdle that comes in between.

Portable design:

The overall dimensions of this model are super smart and handy for surveyors. With only a 6.5 oz weight, this rangefinder is not only easy to carry but is incredibly compact. With this weight, it is extremely light to roam around with, without any bulky or heavy tools.

Premium rangefinder case:

It comes with a pouch that is similar to a standardized rangefinder case. This pouch conveniently fits your rangefinder with a secure zipper and waterproof material. So, secure your rangefinder when not in use with this premium case.

  • Water-resistant body
  • Developed with Pinsensor technology
  • Portable with 6.52 oz weight
  • Ultra clear optics
  • 2-year guarantee
  • High precision rangefinder
  • Long-lasting battery
  • No stabilizer
Our Take

TecTecTec VPRO 500 rangefinder is the best overall rangefinder for Surveying with lightweight, portable size and amazing battery. This model is specifically ideal for users who want a professional rangefinder with Pinsensor technology.

best budget
Nikon Forestry Pro II-Yard-Best Optical Rangefinder For Surveying

2. Nikon Forestry Pro II

(best optical rangefinder for surveying)


  • 3 additional batteries
  • 4 customization modes
  • LCD external display
  • Extended range

For surveying forests and dense areas, the best rangefinder you can have is Nikon Forestry Pro II. This model with its incredible digital display right in front makes it ideal for forestry professionals.

The design and weight are made to ensure that you get the maximum performance with 3 additional batteries. The things that set it apart from its competitors are its extended range, extra batteries, and LCD panel. These are features that are unique only to this model and you won’t get them otherwise.

Reasons to buy:

Extended range:

This model has the ability to give you ultimate ease when it comes to the distance it can cover. It allows surveyors to survey more vast and wide areas without any hassle. The range of this model is above 1000 yardage which is superb for surveyors who want to have long-range readings in just one view.

Versatile modes:

Nikon Forestry Pro II comes with a versatile number of modes that let users mold it in the way they want it. It has four i.e. actual distance mode, horizontal distance mode, height mode, and angle mode.

All these modes give users to prioritize their targets by utilizing these target priority modes. So measure the distance exactly the way you want by customizing the rangefinder as per your needs.

LCD Panels:

The LCD panel of this rangefinder is incredibly amazing. It makes users feel confident about the measurements they are gathering with hyper-read technology. It shows all the measurements to you with a digital display.

The display is backlit which makes it convenient for users to read it in low light. It helps users to get accurate measurements of overlapping objects separately. These features all alone are enough to make it worth having.

3 extra batteries:

Have you ever had a rangefinder that had extra batteries? Well, if not then here comes a model that also provides users with these exemplary features. This rangefinder has 3 batteries included in this package with one pre-installed in it.

This is best for surveyors who are surveying in underdeveloped areas where they won’t have the opportunity to recharge your rangefinder so utilize your extra battery of Nikon Forestry pro-II and survey all day long without any trouble.

  • High-quality monocular
  • Durable material
  • Withstanding all types of weather conditions
  • LCD external display
  • 3 additional batteries
  • Extended range
  • Ideal for forest surveys
  • Extremely quick
  • 4 customization modes
  • High price
  • A little heavy compared to TecTecTec VPRO500
Our Take

Nikon Forestry Pro II rangefinder is a classic model for users looking for dedicated and intuitive functionality. With LCD display and laser technology, this model is the second best on our list.

Editor’s Choice
Carson Litewave 650-Yard-Best Forestry Laser Rangefinder

3. Carson Litewave RF-650

(Best Forestry Laser Rangefinder)


  • 650 yards range
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Multi-coated lens
  • CR2 battery

Carson Litewave rangefinder is a reliable and credible model for all types of users. It gives you fast and easy-to-read measurements with its intuitive technology.

The rangefinder is designed to cope with humid and dry weather conditions making it easy for surveyors to survey the land without any trouble. With 650 yard capacity, this model is ideal for multiple uses. The lithium battery of this model ensures that it stays with you for longer hours with dedicated functionality.

Reasons to buy:

Incredible design:

Design-wise, this rangefinder is identical to traditional rangefinders however when it comes to durability and withstanding capabilities, it is developed to beat them with its waterproof rugged material.

The material used in its construction is fog proof which makes it friendly for users to use in any weather condition. Its medium size allows users to powerfully grip this rangefinder while on the go.

Incredible accuracy:

This model is accurate and fast with Litewave technology. With this technology, users are capable of measuring their survey areas within seconds without any delays.

The 6x magnification optics with 650 yards adds more clarity and preciseness to your vision. Its laser-pointed lens lets users capture minute details with accuracy and efficiency. The scan mode in this regard is super beneficial for users to get the measurements simultaneously without re-aiming the rangefinder in between.

Durable battery:

The battery of the Carson Litewave is long-lasting and durable. Its CR2 battery can easily run for almost half a day continuously. The best thing is that it can easily be replaced when in need. Moreover, the auto shut-off ensures that it lasts for many years by turning it off when not in use.

Crystal display:

The display of the Carson Litewave rangefinder is advanced with unique optics and dedicated coating. Its eyepiece is incredible in this regard.

This eyepiece has a focusing mechanism that allows users to make the angle directed in one direction only. It can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise as per the situation needs.

  • 650 yards
  • Ideal for engineering survey
  • Quick Navigation
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Focusing mechanism with an eyepiece
  • CR 2 battery
  • Soft pouch
  • No angle adjustment options
Our Take

Carson Litewave rangefinder is an outstanding model for users looking for a multi-purpose rangefinder for surveying. It is ideally used for hunting archery and engineering surveys. Its long-lasting battery and surveying capabilities mark it as the third-best option for surveyors.

Factors to Look at Before Buying a Surveying Rangefinder

Rangefinders are quite useful while surveying however if you buy the wrong model then it can create a lot of inconvenience for you. So, here we are disclosing an insider tip to help you shop for the best practical rangefinder for you.

Below is a list of some significant factors that you should consider while selecting a model for you.

1: Accuracy

Your rangefinder should have an ideal precision potential with utmost accuracy. This is important as it allows you to take control of your gadget with ease.

For Surveying the surroundings in detail you must have a great rangefinder ideally with an extended +/- yardage range. An accurate rangefinder will help you in collecting your data with convenience. So, always look for a precise rangefinder.

2: Range capacity

Range should be your next priority to look for in a model you are intending to buy. It plays a role in determining how easily you can examine your survey areas. If you are planning to survey long-distance areas then you must be equipped with a compatible tool for better results.

For this purpose, we recommend you go for a rangefinder that allows you to examine and measure the distance of about 1000 yards. This is an ideal number for surveyors to get the results they are expecting.

3: Simple operating system

The third significant factor on this list is the “simplistic operation” of your rangefinder. While inspecting the area, a user-friendly rangefinder is best for quick readings. Its overall processing system must be easy to use with quick access buttons.

You can use Bluetooth connectivity, laser, and auto-correction tools in this regard. These features will add easiness to your overall experience as it removes the hectic manpower by saving you time and money as well.

4: Battery

The battery life of your rangefinder must also be long and extended as this will allow you to survey your targeted fields without any hassle. It is ideal to have a rangefinder that can serve you for a long period of time. Another incredible option you can have in this regard is having a rechargeable battery so you can easily charge it on the field.

Final Comment

All in all, surveyors need users to use a friendly, less hectic tool for surveying to collect the data carefully without any hassle. The scientific machinery is heavy and costly so the best solution surveyor can have is to buy the best rangefinder in this regard.

This guide entails how you can shop for a suitable model for you. Moreover, we have reviewed some of the top recommended models for making it super easier to shop for an ideal one.

Happy surveying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, surveyors use rangefinders as a tool to observe their surroundings closely. There are other scientific tools available but the rangefinder is friendly and easy to use with auto-correction settings.

It helps them measure the yardage and targets in a better way. The best thing it provides to surveyors is “accuracy” which plays a key role in examining their environment with near-to-close readings.


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