Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder for Golf? What’s the Difference

Rangefinders are always essential for golfers and hunters however some manufacturers have developed models that are ideal for multiple sports.

Although it is recommended to use special-purpose rangefinders what if you are a seasoned player and enjoy hunting and golfing at the same time?

In that case, you might be thinking can you use a hunting Rangefinder for golf or a golf rangefinder for hunting?

These questions confuse many players so in this guide we will be sharing our expert opinion with you for making the choices easier for you by doing a side-by-side comparison of both rangefinders.

We will highlight the key differences and similarities between hunting rangefinders and golf rangefinders with significant benefits of using one for both sports.

So, let’s begin!

Hunting Rangefinder vs Golf Rangefinder

Hunting Rangefinders are designed with rugged and durable material to measure the distance between you and your target. These rangefinders feature auto-correction tools, target priority modes, and enhanced display with an extended range.

Golf rangefinders on the hand are designed with compact and portable design. It is used to measure the distance between you and the flag area. This rangefinder features a limited range, pin-seeking technology, a flag lock feature, and durable batteries.

Here comes the exception where people want to use their hunting rangefinder for golfing and ask whether it suits their needs or not. The answer is “yes”.

Hunting rangefinders can be used for golf courses and experts report that hunting with their powerful operating system is ideal to use for golf without any trouble.

Choosing the best rangefinder for hunting and golf can enhance your experience in both activities. Look for a rangefinder that has the features you need for each specific activity to make the most out of your investment.

Key Similarities Between Hunting Rangefinders and Golf Rangefinders

CategoryHunting RangefindersGolf Rangefinders
FunctionalityUsed to measure the distance between you and your target.Used to collect the distance readings between you and your flag
TechnologyUses LaserIt uses laser and GPS
AccuracyOffers a high degree of preciseness for huntingOffers a high level of accuracy on the golf course
Versatile Can be used for multiple other activities like archer and long-range shootingCan be used for driving and racing.
MagnificationOffers 6x magnificationOffers 6x magnification
Angle correctionComes with an angle compensation featureComes with a slope compensation feature
ModesComes with 3 to 4 modes including scanning mode and distance lock modeComes with various modes including scan modes with target priority mode
MaterialDurable, rugged materialwaterproof, long-lasting material

Key Differences Between Hunting Rangefinders and Golf Rangefinders

CategoryHunting RangefindersGolf Rangefinders
PurposeIdeal for multiple sports typeBest only for golfing.
RangeTypically offers more than 1000 yards rangeOffers limited range often ranges between 500 to 600 years
DesignCamoflague or rugged designSimple design with a variation of colors
WeightA little heavyLightweight and compact
FunctionalityMight be illegal due to auto-correctionWidely accepted and legal for golfing
BudgetAffordable even when you have various options to use it.Medium to high budget due to being special purpose
Specific modesHunting-specific modes i.e. target mode, scanning modeGolf-specific modes i.e. slope compensation mode, flag lock mode
Angle correctionAvailable and usedAvailable but not allowed

Major Benefits of Using Hunting Rangefinders for Golf

Although there are a few similarities between hunting rangefinders and golf rangefinders, using hunting rangefinders for golfing brings some potential benefits for users. Below is a list of some of the significant benefits hunting can provide:

Cost-effective Solution

Affordability is the key benefit you get when you use a hunting Rangefinder for golf. Of course, now, you won’t have to pay some extra pennies to get a purpose-specific rangefinder.

It provides a cost-effective solution for players to use one rangefinder for multiple purposes.

Hunting Rangefinders have all the features that a golfer needs for a golf course so golfers can reliably use hunting Rangefinder for golf without spending extra money and time.

Beneficial for Golfers Playing in any Weather

Hunting rangefinders are built to withstand harshness or extreme weather condition so the material used in these is highly durable. Their rugged and resistant body lets golfers use these models without fear.

Many of these are developed with IP54 which makes them super-friendly for users to use it any weather. Golfers can easily take advantage of these durable models by playing their competition irrespective of the natural circumstances.

Provides Golfers with the Range they Need

The accuracy of the hunting rangefinder is impressive with intuitive features like slope adjustment and auto-correction. The extended range adds of their mods lets golfers read the measurements with accuracy and efficiency.

Hunting rangefinders with 1000 yards and Auto-Acqusition tools like laser or angle compensation provides a suitable gaming situation for users.

Moreover, the precision you get in with hunting rangefinders is ideal for golfers to measure their shots with pinpoint clarity and preciseness.

Versatile Modes to Prioritize Your Shots

Most of the rangefinders available in the market nowadays are flexible and versatile. The functionality this model provides you is not just restricted to measuring the distance between you and your target however now you can easily measure contrastive objects like bushes and trees.

With target priority mode you can even target moving objects so if you have a hunting rangefinder then you are flexible to use it for golfing, archery, and even engineering surveys.

Makes your Golf Course Manageable

Rangefinders are specifically made for hunting and come with the best hunting rangefinder case or pouch. These cases provide users with the utmost comfort and relaxation by making their gear portable.

While golfing these pouches can benefit users by securing their rangefinder when not in use. Overall making it easier for golfers to walk around and monitor their targeting areas.

Can You Use a Golf Rangefinder for Hunting?

While it is permitted and recommended to use hunting rangefinders for golfing however golfing rangefinders for hunting are not worth considering. Golf rangefinders are not equipped enough to be sued for hunting competitions.

Their range, weight, key specifications, and even size will not suit your needs as a hunter. So, it is better not to use a golf Rangefinder for hunting.

What Makes a Hunting Rangefinder Suitable for Golfing?

Technically, Hunting rangefinders are allowed to use for golfing but some Hunting Rangefinders come with a few features that are not allowed in golfing so we are here detailing some key things you should check before shopping for a hunting rangefinder for golfing.

  • Your rangefinder must have an extended range, typically up to 500 to 600.
  • It must have clear lenses with up to 6x magnification.
  • The size of the rangefinder must be light and compact.
  • Having slope compensation is best but ensure that this option can be turned off for making it legal for professional competitions as per the rules of the PGA.
  • The rangefinder must also be accurate, especially within the range of one yard.
  • It must have multiple modes for making the customization easier for golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

PGA or professional Golf Associations is a management organization that sets rules for golfers and manages the overall system of Golfing. According to PGA’s previous policies, the rangefinders were not allowed in a professional championship.

However, later in 2019, the policy was revised by PGA and the team permitted golfers to use rangefinders even in professional competitions.

It is now legal to use rangefinders in golfing championships but the slope correction tool is still not allowed. Golfers have to turn it off beforehand otherwise it is considered illegal.

Yes, the Vortex rangefinders are suitable for golf courses with their multi-purpose functionality. The best thing about this model is that it is super adjustable. So, no matter what purpose or sport you are having, it provides you with the practicality you need to give your best.

Yes, one of the significant differences both of these rangefinders have is their range. The range of golf rangefinders is somewhat low compared to hunting rangefinders. Hunting Rangefinders have extended ranges normally between 1000-1500 yards.

Bushnell Prime 1700 is a rangefinder that is considered highly practical for hunting but its longer range capacity with rugged design makes it suitable for golfing as well. Moreover, its ARC technology lets you customize the angle as you want.

Yes, you can use a laser rangefinder for hunting. Laser rangefinder helps hunters to measure their target in an intuitive way. These rangefinders provide the best optical quality in low light conditions, especially at night time.

Slope rangefinders are ideal for specific hunting styles and the personal preferences of users. One key thing that convinces users to have a slope rangefinder is that it maximizes the field vision for you to target your hunt by adjusting the slope as per the need.

In some hunting games, however, slope rangefinders are prohibited so ensure beforehand that it is legal and permitted to make your gaming experience the best and most soothing.

Final Comment

In short, hunting rangefinders are practical and functional for golfing as well. However, not all hunting rangefinders are best for golfing due to some factors.

We have highlighted all the do’s and don’ts you need to know beforehand. So, do check out the guide and enjoy golfing!


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