How to Get Deer to Come out During the Day

How to Get Deer to Come out During the Day? 4 Easy Ways

If you frequently hunt deer, you might be aware that it can be challenging to lure them out during the day.

It is because deer often sleep throughout the day and come from their grooves at dusk. So, you will need to utilize some techniques if you want to hunt deer during the day.

It is the most effective trick to grow plants for the deer that they most like to eat. Also, you can utilize their urine to use as a scent. It will help to attract deer and get them to come out during the day.

Also, you can use apple, orange, or corn scents to lure deer during the day. Before using any kind of urine as a scent you should know Does Human Pee Scare Deer?

So, how to get deer to come out during the day? Let’s discover the best technique for this by going through this article!

Essential Factors to Know about Deer

It is important to know that deer have excellent hearing and smelling senses. They have sharp, large noses that can detect any scent at a distant place.

They also have large ears that are capable of hearing everything far away. Knowing How Much Wind Is Too Much For Deer Hunting? is also important

So, if you want deer to come out during the day, you must plan in a way that can attract deer according to their senses. In this way, you can easily hunt them during the day by doing anything to lure them.

Best Ways to Get Deer Come Out During the Daytime

Let’s explore the several methods for getting deer to come out during the day;

1. Understanding the Movement of Deer

how to attract deer in the daytime

Usually, deer move in the night and sleep throughout the day. They also move during the daytime but there are some particular times when they move during the daytime. During normal days, they sleep all day and come out an hour before sunset.

So, you must pay close attention to the particular days when deer move during the day if you want to get them to come out during the daytime. That will be the best time for you to hunt deer.

Additionally, the weather must be taken into account to understand the deer’s movement as it affects their movement a lot. On colder days, their movement increase.

2. Grow Plants to Attract Deer

do deer come out during the day

It will be a great option to grow plants for deer that they like the most. Also, you must be aware that they prefer food that is rich in nutrients and protein. For this, you must choose suitable land and soil that will be good to plant food.

As I told you before, deer come out from their groove for food and if you grow plants near their areas, you will get more chances to lure them.

Also, you should consider the proper water system where you will grow plants. And if the land will be clean without weeds or bushes, it will be more attractive for deer.

You can consider growing oats, kale, soybeans, turnips, peas, and wheat. Besides that, you can also grow chestnuts and acorns as deer like them the most.

3. Use Deer Urine or other Wicks Scents

how to get nocturnal deer to come out during the day

Now you are aware that deer have a strong sense of smell and it is the best way for hunters to hunt them. They can get an advantage from this sense of smelling by utilizing their urine as a scent.

For this, you will have to specify a place and put the urine of the deer on the grass or the soil. It will be the best option to lure deer from their grooves.

Moreover, scent wicks are available in the market that is made with the urine of the deer. You can purchase them from the market or online stores. You can easily hand them from the trees but they must be above the ground.

Keep in mind to place them four to five feet from the ground so the air can spread the fragrance. To decrease the chances of human odor getting on smell wicks, you can use caution when hanging them.

4. Bedding Sites

how to get whitetail deer to come out during the day

It is the last but not least effective method to lure deer in the daytime. You must look for the areas where they sleep. The sleeping locations can be in a small, isolated location that will be close to water.

They can have their backsides on the ground. Deer can be hunted more effectively and easily while they are not running. Sometimes, around midday, they also get up for a meal but on particular days.


So, in this blog post, I have briefly described all the effective methods on how to get deer to come out during the day.

You can go through this guide and get to know the most feasible method of hunting deer during the day.


There are different methods to get bucks to come out during the day to utilize their senses of smelling and hearing. You can use different scents and their favorite foods to attract them to come out during the day.

Grow food plants that are rich in protein as it is the best way to lure deer the most. You can grow kale, turnips, soybeans, peas, and alfalfa. Deer also love to eat chestnuts and acorns. So, you can use this food for them.

Deer typically sleep from morning to evening. They go for food after the evening an hour before sunset and come back to their areas in the morning before sunrise. Most deer will migrate to locate a food supply after awakening between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.

You can consider the deer activities in the daytime and nighttime. It is a major pressure of hunting on the deer that makes them nocturnal. So, if you can do precautions to reduce pressure on the deer, it can make them less nocturnal.


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