How to Use Doe Estrus

How to Use Doe Estrus Scent & Urine To Target Rutting Bucks?

To hunt big bucks, doe estrus is the finest approach to attract them. It is taken from the female deer when she is ready to mate. During the rut, it is the best idea to use the doe estrus to attract bucks for hunting. But many people are unaware of how to use doe estrus accurately.

How to Use Doe Estrus? To use the doe estrus for deer hunting, you can use a dragline, which has a rope with a cloth. This cloth is soaked in doe estrus that is attached to the tip of the rope and hung in your hunting area. You can hang it nearby your hunting stand to ensure a precise shot when hunting deer.

For a step-by-step guide to using doe estrus, you can go into the depth of this article. So, go ahead!

What is Doe Estrus and How is it Different from Doe Urine? 

Doe Estrus VS Doe Urine

First of all, it is essential to differentiate between doe estrus and doe urine as many people mix them both. Estrus is completely different from a doe’s pee. The urine that female deer release during their heat cycle is known as doe estrus.

On the other hand, doe urine is the excretion that female deer produce when their breeding cycle has passed. In short, it is the urine of a deer after the heating cycle.

Doe estrus can play an important role to attract big bucks and works wonderfully for this purpose. This smell can attract them the most as they were searching for a doe to mate with.

How to Use Doe Estrus Scent Correctly?

How to Use Doe Estrus Scent

Below are some steps to use doe estrus:

  • Firstly, you will have to take a cloth that has been soaked with the doe’s urine. It must be soaked completely in the estrus.
  • After that, you will have to hang it on the tree near your hunting stand. Also, you can drag it on the ground with your boots where you have a hunting setup.
  • While doing this, you will have to wear rubber boats. Before shooting, you will have to stop dragging this rag.
  • Also, if you know how far a deer can smell, you can decide where you have to put the doe estrus to lure bucks.

Tip: While using, you must consider the right direction of the breeze as it will enhance the chances to attract them. It is because the right direction of the wind can spread the scent properly.

However, you must keep in mind that if you don’t have a clear understanding to use doe estrus, you must avoid doing this.

Because if you won’t use it accurately, this will reduce the chances to hunt the deer. Also, being a beginner hunter, you do not need to use doe estrus as you can easily find deer without using doe estrus.

What is Estrus Cycle and How Long Does it Last?

What is Estrus Cycle and How Long Does it Last

A doe starts an estrus cycle when she is ready to breed with an adult buck. Every winter, a doe begins her heat cycle which lasts for around 48- to 72 hours.

The female deer searches for a partner for breed throughout this period. Also, the doe gets a heating cycle again after 28 days if it doesn’t breed throughout these hours.

During this period, they make loud noises to alert does that are in estrus. Bucks become super effective and aggressive throughout the complete rut period and find their best partner to mate with among all.

Typically, during this period, over 98% of all adult does have a good mating. There are little chances that they won’t breed during their heat cycle.

The name estrus is given to this full cycle of breeding in does. Doe emits more urine during the estrus period than they do on non-estrus periods.

When to Use Doe Estrus Urine?

When to Use Doe Estrus Urine?

You must employ doe estrus to lure buck during the heat cycle or a few days before this cycle. Typically, this time begins in October, especially in the last 15 days of October. Bucks are more attracted to female deer during these days than they are on other days.

Moreover, using doe pee in the fall season is another wonderful method of luring the bucks. The bucks go to their food areas during this period to have food.

They do this to strengthen their bodies to get energy for the rut period. In short, October or fall will be the best time for hunters to use doe estrus to attract them.

How to Collect Does Estrus to Attract Deer?

How to Collect Does Estrus to Attract Deer

During the fall, it is the best time to collect doe estrus. The process of collecting urine is easy. A hunter can do this by following two methods:

Hunter will have to construct an eight-square-foot structure. Slatted surfaces in these structures let urine seep into the subfloors. There it drains into a tube and ultimately into a container.

Every morning, pee is taken and then chilled in the refrigerators. Also, the does are brought into heat by sealing up the structures to make them dark. This is a method for collecting the doe’s in-heat urine early and using it for hunting.

In the second method, hunters will have to collect some dirt and urine. To preserve the elements, it is kept in an airtight bag that is also chilled afterward. This is also a very simple and easy method to collect doe urine.

How Powerful is the Doe Estrus?

How Powerful is the Doe Estrus

A buck will be looking for doe estrous during the rut as it has all the natural female fluids of a hot deer. They can be found in Code Blue’s Doe Estrous or Screamin’ Heat.

When a young doe’s smell is detected during the heat cycle, a buck will always approach that smell. Based on this fascination, you can carefully use doe estrous to lure that deer into the line of sight. In this way, you can hunt deer if you have proper technique and original doe estrus.

What is Doe Bleat and How Does it Work?

What is Doe Bleat and How Does it Work?

A high-pitched noise with vibration is made by female deer to alert bucks. This is called doe bleat and it works wonderfully to attract bucks toward them.

When in estrus, does use this noise to alert young bucks for breeding rather than to attract their other group members. So, hunters can use this sound to lure bucks for hunting.

Moreover, hunters combine various techniques to draw deer and shoot them accurately. One method is to use optical viewfinders like the best laser rangefinders for hunting or other glassing devices to determine whether a deer is within easy shot range or not.

When to Use Doe Bleat?

It is recommended to use doe bleats on days when the females are not in heat if you want to draw bucks to you. Also, the greatest times to employ bleat would be in the late days before the rut and immediately after it.

What to Do When Using Does Estrus?

What to Do When Using Does Estrus

While in the forests, it is also a good idea to wear scent-free apparel, rubber gloves, and shoes. Deers have a strong ability to smell, so they can detect you from a great distance and become scared and careful.

So, you must be cautious to remove your human scent before using the doe estrus in the surroundings to stop them from escaping.


To get more chances to successfully hunt a deer, you must know how to use Doe estrus. It is because it is the finest strategy to use to attract deer.

You only have to be careful and use precautions while using doe estrus as if you won’t follow proper instructions, it will decrease the chances to attract bucks. For this purpose, you can consider this article.


The week before or during the rut period is the ideal time to employ the estrus scent. It is the time for male deer to start searching for does to breed with. They use loud noises to alert does that are in the estrous period.

During your hunt, heated scents can be useful for a variety of purposes. It will be good to use doe in heat scent before or during the breeding season of the female heat cycle. The smell will be fresh and will entice the most resistant adult bucks to come near.

Every deer hunter is familiar with deer calls because they are a useful method to attract bucks. Each call works well in a variety of situations and can be used alone or in combination with others.

Doe estrus lasts for almost 48–72 hours. A buck would stay with a doe for 48 to 72 hours while she is in heat and leave till she is no longer involved in mating.

To increase his chances of having offspring, he will isolate her apart from other males and females during this period.


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