Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

How to Use a Spotting Scope with Rangefinder? in 4 Easy Steps

While hunting, it is essential to aim accurately at the target to measure the range. To shoot optimally, you will have to determine the distance and center of the sight on the object.

And the range between you and your target object can be calculated using a rangefinder spotting scope. But the question is how to use a spotting scope with the rangefinder.

Spotting scopes are designed specifically for naturalistic activities and have larger magnifying power. They have wider targets that can collect more light for clearly-oriented pictures.

Both in terms of weight and cost, they are expensive. So, a sighting scope with an integrated rangefinder is the finest one that you should buy.

Well, you can get a clearer and more detailed view of the spotting scope with a rangefinder by going below. So, just cheer up with me!

What is a Spotting Scope with Rangefinder?

What is a Spotting Scope with Rangefinder

A spotting scope is a wide and powerful instrument with a sizable lens. It is utilized for macro photography, shooting, hunting, and bird watching.

Binoculars, cameras, and telescopic optics can all be utilized with spotting telescopes to increase the magnifying power of these tools.

Then the complete field of sight will be enlarged by the sighting scope’s viewfinder. It is because it is a single optic with high magnification.

Moreover, it is a powerful magnifying instrument and all-purpose optics equipment for any adventurer. It performs well in dim lighting and when ambient conditions permit during the day.

To make it simpler to examine items at a distance, several models come with a tripod that is connected to it. The majority of versions can look both horizontally and vertically without requiring any modification or swapping out pieces.

Best Spotting Scopes with Rangefinder

The best feature of a spotting scope is its capacity to zero in on distant objects. This explains why it’s so well-liked in sports activities like target shooting, racing, and golf competitions. But it also depends on the different spotting scopes.

Below are some best types of spotting scopes with a rangefinder to purchase:

1. BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope

BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope

The scope has a power of 15 to 40 magnifying and delivers brilliant, contrast-rich pictures. It has an entire focusing span of up to 150 yards. The portable base comes with this scope that makes placing it simple and portable.

2. Celestron-C5 Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron-C5 Angled Spotting Scope

It is the quickest type of spotting scope that changes quickly from a potent spotting telescope to a high-performance zoom lens. Its excellent visual clarity is the main thing that led NASA to select it as the primary weapon for several Space Shuttle operations.

3. Meade Instruments 126002 Wilderness Spotting Scope

Meade Instruments 126002 Wilderness Spotting Scope

For every outside spotting activity, Meade Instruments is the best spotter. High switching magnifying power is provided with this spotting scope. It ensures premium sparkling quality and clarity for your target.

4. Bushnell Elite Hunting Riflescope

Bushnell Elite Hunting Riflescope

This spotting scope has been utilized in hunting as well as for a variety of strategic objectives. Its sturdy construction has a modern and extremely durable black matte style. Due to the ED Premier fluoride lens, you can get bright and sharp pictures all day.

5. Vortex Optics DiamondBack Spotting Scope

Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Spotting Scope

The Vortex 20-60x60mm spotting scope offers exceptional performance having a lightweight and portable design. You can get sharp and amazing pictures over the whole spectrum of its resolution.

What are the Different Types of Spotting Scopes?

The following are two types of spotting scopes that can be used for different purposes. The only distinctions between these two spotting scopes are the angle. Besides angles, they work in similar ways with higher magnification.

They help to deliver you a sharp and clear view of the sight even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Mono-Ocular Spotting Scopes
  • Bi-Ocular Spotting Scope

#1 Monocular Spotting Scopes

Monocular Spotting Scopes

The inclination between the eyes is less than 90 degrees in the bi-ocular compared to the mono-ocular. It allows both eyes to view via a single lens. Most people in the world utilize monocular spotting scopes.

#2 Binocular Spotting Scopes

Binocular Spotting Scopes

While the monocular performs better with bifocals, the Binocular is more convenient if you use glasses. Additionally, some spotting scopes have a rooftop dispersion system for enlargement while others have a modifiers refraction system.

How to Use a Spotting Scope with Rangefinder?

With a laser rangefinder and spotting scopes, you can determine the precise range. Below I am going to describe the best method to use a spotting scope along with a rangefinder if you have never tried it before:

Step 1

In the first step, you will have to set and place the spotting scope with the rangefinder. You will have to find the accurate place and adjustment as it is essential for an accurate shoot. Also, you will have to zero your scope initially.

Step 2

In the next step, you will have to determine how far your object is by utilizing a laser rangefinder. The laser beam source technique is used in laser rangefinders.

It evaluates both the distance and the angle at which the shot will drop. To improve accuracy, certain modern devices have weather and climate testing.

Step 3

Till now you will have to collect all the information and distance range for your target object. If you are targeting an animal, you will have to determine its gender, body movement, and distance.

Step 4

Finally, you will have to set your focus on the chosen target and shoot at it. Your aim relies on your rifle and how you level your sight to calculate the range. You can place a range indicator at that point.

Also, you can zoom in on the target object to get a clear view. To take an excellent shot at that distant target, you must adjust the reticle and then shoot. You must know How to Use a Rangefinder Reticle for a better view of your target.

Last Word

All that I have described in this article is about spotting scope with a rangefinder. You can use a spotting scope while hunting as it is the finest choice to make accurate shooting.

It will provide you maximum magnification power to give you clear sight. It also helps you to be a perfect hunter or shooter.


Yes, spotting scopes have rangefinders. An optical tool for enlarging distant objects is called a spotting scope.

Spotting scopes with rangefinders are popular for observing and are utilized for a variety of activities. It includes astronomy, hunting, shooting, and much more.

Yes, a rifle gun’s riflescope with a rangefinder is a tool for enlarging the target object. Today’s riflescopes include an integrated rangefinder that allows you to determine the target’s range.

The magnification and range are well-matched. It assists in determining an object’s dimensions so that you can determine how far or closer it is.

Spotting optics with magnifying power between 20x and 85 are excellent for ranges of 500 yards to 1000 yards. This ranges from 20-60x to 20-80x at a variable power. It would be ideal for the optical system to be 60 mm or 80 mm at these greater distances.

At 60X, an item will seem to be 60 times larger. So, a sight with a 60X magnifying power will enable you to identify a bullet lodged at 600 yards if you can see it with your bare eyes at 10 yards. It is challenging because of dispersion and gear movement.

Rangefinders and spotting scopes are both important pieces of equipment that can be used for hunting or outdoor activities. The rangefinder is a handheld device that allows you to measure the distance between two points, while spotting scopes are typically carried on a tripod and offer higher magnification for viewing objects at greater distances. Rangefinders tend to be more lightweight and easier to carry than spotting scopes, but spotting scopes have the advantage of providing better detail and clarity when viewing distant objects. Both tools can be helpful in determining precise distances for target shooting or wildlife observation, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference and intended use when considering which one is right for your needs.


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