Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder Review

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Review | A Capable Hunting Rangefinder

To get more precision, accuracy, reliability, and durability, golfers and hunters use laser rangefinders. As there are multiple brands of laser rangefinders available in the market, the vortex optics impact 1000 laser rangefinder is one of the finest choices to purchase as it’s the best affordable rangefinder.

Due to its excellent manufacturing and quality features, this rangefinder is high in demand. We have compared Vortex Impact 1000 with some other rangefinders which you must check at Best Rangefinders For Deer Hunting for a better buying decision.

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Laser Rangefinder Review

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Review 2023


  • high accuracy
  • Multi-coated lens
  • water-resistant
  • shock-proof

Vortex Impact 1000 Features and Specifications

Unboxing Vortex Optics Impact 1000

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 laser rangefinder is an excellent Hunting rangefinder to provide you with precise and accurate measurements from a distance. Due to its rugged as well as lightweight structure, you can easily hold and carry this rangefinder anywhere.

The portable gadget is made with an O-ring-enclosed casing and a polymeric surface. This rubber construction of the rangefinder makes it watertight, and extremely durable.

So, you can imagine that this rangefinder will go for a longer period without any replacement.

Unexpectedly, not all rangefinders are water-resistant. But you will be happy to know that this Vortex impact is highly water-resistant.

In this way, this rangefinder can withstand all weather conditions and stay safe from any damage. Also, its shock-resistant structure makes it highly suitable for hunting.

  • Maximum range with high accuracy
  • Multi-coated lens for sharp picture
  • Fully water-resistant and shock-proof construction
  • Long eye relief for easy usage
  • Designed with horizontal component distance
  • Made with three different brightness settings
  • The belt clip is less durable and strong

Manufacturing Quality

Opening Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder

When it comes to the manufacturing of this rangefinder, this rangefinder has made with two top-mounted remote controls and a hard casing. This makes operating this rangefinder convenient for all hunters and golfers.

Moreover, there is a strap loop and a tripod attaching screws that are placed in with the green casing. The tripod attachment is concealed, and the belt clip’s three attaching bolts make it simple to take it off.

On any reflecting object, this Vortex rangefinder for hunting has a maximum range of 10–1,000 yards. You must remember that your distance will be decreased if you range a small or non-reflective object.

HCD Setting and LOS Mode

Changing battery in Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder

This user-friendly rangefinder has the HCD setting and all the hunters will find the angle-corrected range ideal that will be displayed on it.

It has been designed with an upgraded LOS mode. With this feature, long-range and high-angle shots can be calculated with greater accuracy.

The LOS (Line of Sight) function of the Impact 1000 is designed for rifle hunters. They can utilize slope-correcting meteorological dropping information cards, ballistic smartphone apps, or other ballistic programs.

When determining bullet wind variations under these sharp slope range conditions, the LOS distance will be more accurate than the HCD.

You can use the LOS range while referring to ballistic dropping cards with gradient adjustment. You can do this by simply entering the LOS distance number into the gadget.

Measurement Ranges

Testing Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder

This wonderful rangefinder has a scanning capability that allows you to pan along a scene. It also helps to follow a moving object while getting constant range measurements.

Also, you can choose to read all measurements in yards or meters according to your choice.

Furthermore, it has used a diopter on the viewfinder that helps correct the variations in the viewfinder. Along with its 6x magnifying power, target objects can be easily brought closer at a more precise range.

Also, the optics with a full multi-coating structure increase light transmittance.

In this way, it can operate effectively in dim light or dark environments due to its 22mm optical viewfinder.

Besides that, you will get three different brightness levels on this rangefinder to change the brightness level according to the light.

The maximum distance of the Vortex impact is 1000 yards, which is excellent for shooting and much more than the required range. On the other hand, a deer can be seen at a maximum of 500 yards.

Advantages of Buying Vortex Impact 1000

Checking Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder

As vortex optics laser rangefinder has all the best features and specifications, it also has so many advantages over other rangefinders. Below I am going to discuss a few benefits of vortex impact laser rangefinder:

Maximum Optical Quality

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Review

The multi-coated lenses on the vortex Impact 1000 provide the best light transfer for added ease and comfort. In the worst climates, the rangefinder maintains great performance because of its water- and fog-proof structure.

In the construction of this rangefinder, rubber is used which makes it highly water-resistant.

The panel can be made transparent in different illumination conditions using three brightness levels. It has a highly intuitive interface and displays data in a lighted panel.

Innovative HCD & LOS Modes

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder settings

This rangefinder has been designed with an advanced HCD setting that is a major benefit for all hunters, shooters, and golfers.

Along with this cutting-edge feature, you can set a long-distance target with high angles to get more accuracy and precision.

For uphill and long-range circumstances, you can conveniently use this LOS distance to calculate bullet wind deviations. It ensures a greater level of precision than the HCD option.

The Comfort of a Tripod & Lanyard

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder with Tripod

The comfort of the tripod and lanyard is an additional benefit of this rangefinder. The rangefinder’s capability to concentrate on specific objects is improved by the tripod’s assistance. It helps to balance it according to your view.

On the other hand, the strap gives a safe way to carry your rangefinder if you don’t have a tripod. The gadget is simple to carry and maintain due to the retractable multipurpose clasp and collar lanyard.

Ergonomic Design and Construction

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder Design

This rangefinder has designed with O-ring sealing that is good for watertight and fog-resistant qualities. This makes it functional even in the worst weather conditions. Also, granular rubber protection encourages solid, non-slip gripping.

There are multipurpose clips that are mountable to belts, pockets, and flat-edged objects and they are good for smooth use. The utility clip’s small, intuitive, and super-lightweight design offers more versatility.

Scanning Mode

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder Scanning Mode

The scan feature of this rangefinder is also a very wonderful addition to make it worthwhile. As you hover over a terrain and focus on a moving object, the scanning feature of this rangefinder provides a variety of input.

It aids in ranging tiny objects on similar settings and specific targets in HCD or LOS modes.

Warranty of Vortex 1000 Rangefinder

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder Warranty

An extended guarantee is included with this rangefinder which is another fantastic feature. If you will find any defect in the rangefinder, the company will be responsible to repair any type of issue with this.

What Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Laser Rangefinder is Good for?

Vortex Optics Impact 1000 Rangefinder First look

This Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder is the ideal option for hunters. It is the best rangefinder for bow hunting to provide quality, precise angle shooting, accuracy, and durability.

The rangefinder can measure distances up to 1000 yards. It can measure the distance for Deer at 500 yards, Trees at 800 yards, and reflective range at 1000 yards.

Also, because of its little size, you can travel anywhere with it with ease and comfort. So, for all hunters, it is the best companion to get accurate shots at longer distances while hunting.

Final Words

With maximum accuracy and reliability, the Vortex optics impact laser rangefinder is the best choice for all hunters and golfers. It has manufactured with all the best features and specs that can make it your favorite gadget.

Besides all features, this rangefinder will give you a clear view of your target from a distance of 1000 yards.


Yes, the vortex impact 1000 rangefinder is an excellent choice to use for golf. You must know that locking onto a flagpole requires some time.

But you can easily latch onto a flagpole by using scanning mode. You can also scan nearby objects like trees, shelters, or grassy planes.

Yes, the vortex impact 1000 rangefinder has an illuminated display. With a clear, backlit display, the Impact 1000 is simple to operate and easy.

Thus, the illuminated panel could be a little more difficult to set up than a backlight screen.

Yes, the vortex impact laser rangefinder has made with a rubber casing that makes it highly durable and water-resistant. It can withstand all weather conditions and go for a longer period.

A single CR2 battery is used in the Impact 1000 rangefinder. It has a total working life of about 5,000 single-sensor systems. For all types of shootings, the rangefinder features both HSC and LOS Scan settings.


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