Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinders 2023

3 Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinders for Hunting (2024 Updated)

When buying one of The Best Rifle Mounted rangefinders I find the biggest challenge you can face as a hunter and shooter is to achieve next-level perfection in executing your shots.

Doing it manually can be misleading especially when your shot is miles away.

Having a rangefinder in this case can help you take an edge over your opponent by allowing you to calculate the distance by considering wind and humidity in between.

To help you achieve exceptional accuracy, we have curated a selection of top-tier rifle-mounted rangefinders. These models are designed to elevate your shooting experience to a new level of precision.

Our recommendation

Our research team spent hundreds of hours testing and evaluating the quality of rangefinders however many models just did not deliver up-to-mark performance.

So, after minutely testing each model, we recommend the “ATN Auxiliary Ballistic 1500 Laser rangefinder” as the best rifle-mounted rangefinder.

The practicality, functionality, and durability of this model are unmatched as compared to other models.

Having great accuracy and efficiency with Bluetooth compatibility, this model marks itself as an ideal model for rifle mounting.

These rangefinders are compatible, accurate, and precise for hunters and shooters.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a professional shooter looking for a competitive model to obtain mastery in your hunting skills, these 3 models of the rangefinder can go a long way in achieving the goals you want.

So, let’s review each model one by one.


Product Name



ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500 Rangefinder-Best Laser Rangefinder for Hunting
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • 1500 Yards
  • POI Adjustments
  • Smart HD
LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate Rangefinder-Best Mini Tactical Rangefinder
  • OLED Display
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Fit
  • Durable
ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000 Rangefinder-Best Scope Mounted Rangefinder
  • ATN Smart Scope
  • HD Display
  • Flexible Screw
  • Amazing Reticle

Best Rifle Scope Mounted Rangefinders 2023

best overall
ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500 Rangefinder-Best Scope Mounted Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500 Rangefinder

(Best Scope Mounted Laser Rangefinder for Hunting)


  • Ballistic calculator
  • 1500 yards
  • POI adjustments
  • Smart HD

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser 1500 Rangefinder is a good practical rangefinder with laser and Bluetooth. If you want an automatic, simple-to-use, one-click operation rangefinder, then the ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder is a highly recommended model in the market right now.

The key specifications of this model are a smart ballistic calculator, one-button operation, smart HD, 1500 yards, and ABL technology.

ATN ABL 1500 Rangefinder

Reasons to buy:

Here are some of the best benefits it provides to its users in the field.

Simple functionality:

The functionality of this rangefinder is advanced and equipped but is highly simple to use. In long-range shooting, having this rangefinder with you can provide you with the confidence you need to powerfully execute your long targets with maximum accuracy.

Its ABL technology allows shooters to mount this rangefinder with their rifle scope in just a few seconds.

For a point of impact, this rangefinder is compatible with Bluetooth. This connectivity adds more to the overall experience of your hunting competition by customizing and optimizing the targets on its own.

Smart operation:

Although the functionality it provides to users is upgraded and up to the mark however the operation especially the recordings is commendable.

No other rangefinder for a rifle mounted is developed enough to provide you with the opportunity to record your hunting or shooting sessions, however with the ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder you can record every second of your hunting session by using Bluetooth connectivity.

By connecting it to your smart devices, it lets you capture your whole hunting course with the range and measurements mentioned on it.

This feature is extremely beneficial while on the field as it gives you full control over your hunting course by allowing you to remotely access it. This is specifically helpful when you need to target prey with a stable position.

Highly accurate:

Another benefit of the ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder is its ultimate, unbeatable accuracy within the range of 1500 yards.

It is backed with a ballistic smart calculator which lets hunters see the measurements and do the necessary calculations with just one click. The HD smart display contributes more to your vision by displaying you a vivid and lifelike field view.

  • Highly accurate
  • Equipped with a ballistic calculator
  • Smart HD
  • Simple to use
  • Incredible yards capacity
  • Bluetooth
  • POI adjustments
  • 1500 yards
  • The battery may create an inconvenience
Our Take

All in all, “The ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder” is an easy-to-assemble, highly responsive, and Bluetooth-compatible rangefinder.

Having top-notch, great practicality, this model is ideal for hunting and military conditions with rifle-mounted scope.

best Budget
LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate Rangefinder-Best Rail & Gun Mounted Laser Rangefinder

LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate Rangefinder

(Best Rail & Gun Mounted Laser Rangefinder)


  • OLED display
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fit
  • Durable
Buy on Walmart

LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate rangefinder is a tactical style rangefinder with a small, minimal body. The functionality of this rangefinder makes it suitable to use for rifle scopes and hunting competitions.

Its solid and hard metal design makes it reliable to use for intense hunting situations. The highlights of its notable features include a mini laser ranger, OLED display, rifle scope compatibility, camouflage design, and fast measurements.

Reasons to buy:

Following are some of the reasons that make this rangefinder worth buying:

LaserWorks LE-032 Rangefinder mounted on rifle

Spontaneous functionality:

Functionality-wise, the Laserworks LE 032 rangefinder is intuitive and impressive. On the field, its laser-equipped pointer lets you have a closed view of the area with a 60-second continuous scan.

This built-in laser pointer is helpful not only for targeted shooting but also for communicating with your hunting companies.

The best thing about this model is that it is equally practical in the daytime as well as in night hunting. Reviews say that you don’t have to buy additional equipment for night hunting sessions when you have the Laserworks LE 032 model.

Just screw up this rangefinder with your rifle and point it at your target; turn the laser ranging on and there you go. Simple! Isn’t it?


The unit of this rangefinder operates as fast as the speed of light. The front part of the unit gives you two laser sensors that collectively operate for displaying the exact distance measurements.

In tough shooting and hunting competitions, you might certainly encounter some extreme weather or uneven surface conditions. For these types of conditions, this model has particular and versatile modes for allowing you to work it as per the situation.

For instance, it gives you ranging mode, Fog mode, horizontal distance mode, and speed mode. All these modes help hunters to use it exactly the way they want without any hassle. You can turn these modes on or off with just a single click.

The horizontal distance mode makes it compatible with crossbows. Using this mode archers and bowhunters can flexibly move it up, down, left, or right as per the need of the hour.

Easy to fit:

Another incredibly useful specification of this particular model is that it can easily be mounted with a rifle, aiming machines, or any type of gear you are using. It is designed in a way that it can be easily attached or detached with any tool or gear without any technicalities.

With an easy-to-fit small body, this rangefinder is handy and fruitful on the field with less burden. The weight is equally distributed among the front and back of the rangefinder to make it easy to carry while on the go.

  • User friendly
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with rifle
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • OLED display
  • Easy to fit
  • Shockproof
  • Great for Crossbows
  • Convenient to use with versatile modes
  • Laser equipped
  • Efficient
  • Gets foggy and watery
Our Take

Quality Rail Mounted Rangefinder

As a whole, the “Laserworks Rifle Mounted Rangefinder mini” is a great quality, affordable, and small rail mounted rangefinder.

Having an easy-to-fit size and versatile modes, this model is exceptional with the best budget and price. You can also use it as Best Crossbow Mounted Rangefinder.

best Choice
ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000 Rangefinder-Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinder UK

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000 Rangefinder

(Best Rifle Mounted Rangefinder UK)


  • ATN Smart scope
  • HD display
  • Flexible screw
  • Amazing reticle

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1000 Rangefinder is a smart rangefinder with extensive and efficient technology. With its simplistic operation, you can easily do anything without any hassle. Its Auxiliary Ballistic functionality functions exactly the way you want it to.

The customer reports that this model of ATN is super easy to install and use with fewer to no tricky features. In design and appearance, this model of ATN is similar and identical to ATN Auxiliary Ballistic.

The highlights of its major specifications are a solid body, compatible with rifle scope, X-Sight ii and 4k, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1000 yards.

Reasons to buy:

Following are the outstanding specifications of this rangefinder that make it a worth-considerable option for hunters and shooters.

Ideal for long-range shooting:

This model of ATN ballistic rangefinder is practical and efficient for long-range shooting. With its 1000 extended yards capacity, hunters can rely on this tool especially when they need a rifle-mounted rangefinder.

In addition to this, ATN ballistic rangefinder is equipped with a hassle-free inclinometer. This feature lets hunters target their incline or decline shots flexibly. It works automatically as it corrects and identifies the accurate distance on its own.

Highly functional:

For functionality, this rangefinder is extremely practical with a ballistic smart calculator. The best thing that this calculator provides you is that it calculates and evaluates the distance measurements for you considering the environment and trajectory in mind.

In long-range shooting, your target can be missed or hit the wrong target as per the natural conditions. The wind for instance can play a great role in this regard. So, to control the impact of wind and correct your angles, you can utilize the ballistic calculator.

ATN ABL 1000 Rangefinder


Design and construction-wise, this rangefinder is extremely durable. Its rugged and solid material is good to use in any weather condition. No matter how harsh the weather gets, this model has the ability to handle it.

The battery of this model too is made to last for a long year. The customer reports that this model can easily survive 10 to 12 years with its amazing battery.

Its incredible battery not only lets hunters enjoy long hours of non-stop sessions but also you don’t have to be worried about replacing it time and again.


Another key specification of this particular rangefinder model is that it is cost-efficient at a cheap and affordable price. The material used in its construction is not easily shakable or breakable so you never have to be worried about replacing it or buying a new model.

Its durable Aluminum body lets you handle any tough condition reliably with a resistant body. Moreover, the 24/7 customer support adds more credibility to your experience as you can conveniently cope with any default within seconds.

  • Ideal for hunting
  • Amazing reticle
  • ABL 1000 yards
  • ATN Smart scope
  • Equipped with HD display
  • Flexible screw
  • Solid material
  • No warranty
Our Take

To conclude, the ATN Ballistic rangefinder” is a practical and great model of ATN with Bluetooth and POI with a ballistic calculator rangefinder app.

Having the latest technology and specification, this rifle-mounted rangefinder is reliable for hikers, rifle shooters, and hunters.

FAQs Weapon Mounted Laser Rangefinder

Snipers can use any type of high-quality rangefinder but if you want to buy a dedicated and purpose-specific model then the reliable model you can have is “Nikon 8397”. This model has laser technology that allows you to capture pinpoint details about your targeted area.

For military purposes, a better, practical model you can use on the field reliably is “The ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder“. This rangefinder is compatible to use with rifles with ultimate precision and clarity.

Yes, nowadays, it is not difficult to find rangefinders with rifle scopes. Manufacturers too are focusing on designing and developing models that can serve the users as per the needs of hunters and shooters. Some of the best models you can find in this regard are:

  1. ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Rangefinder
  2. ATN X-Sight
  3. Laserworks LE-032

For accuracy, the best model to look for in the market right now are:

  • Nikon Coolshot pro
  • Bushnell Engage hunting
  • Vortex Optics Impact
  • ATN Auxiliary Ballistic rangefinder

Final Comment

In short, buying rangefinders that can provide you with special and particular functionality is tricky, however, with us, it can be less technical and mechanical.

To aid you in choosing the best rifle-mounted rangefinder for you we have researched and reviewed some top-notch models in detail so you can shop for a good quality match for your hunting session.


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